Thursday, August 17, 2017
Biltwell Lane Splitter


Looking for tips and tricks so you can work on your Harley? Learn how to work on your Harley-Davidson from experienced riders and mechanics.


How to Install Footpegs on a Harley Sportster

Check out this quick video to learn how to install a fresh set of footpegs on a Harley Sportster. Brad added the Brass Balls...

How to Jumpstart a Harley

Here's a quick video that'll show you how to jumpstart your Harley. Brad shows you two examples with his bikes - how to jumpstart...

How to Wash Your Motorcycle

If you have a motorcycle and you ride that motorcycle, it's going to get dirty. While some riders may enjoy that well-worn look, most...
How to ride a motorcycle at night

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle at Night

Before the daylight saving time change, I was commuting home through the mountain roads in the dark. I quickly learned I needed to be...
How to commute on a motorcycle

How to Commute on a Motorcycle

Whether you want to cut down your drive to work by lane splitting, save money on fuel, or you just want to ride every...
Harley Davidson work bench repair

The 10 Commandments of Working on Your Own Harley

1) GET THE FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL. Do this before doing any work to your bike. Don’t bother with aftermarket manuals unless they’re the only...
Roland Sands Regulator Levers for Sportster

RSD Regulator Levers for Harley-Davidson

If you're looking at changing the levers on your ride, you probably either want a different look or you need a better hand position....
How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

So how do you winterize your motorcycle? Investing a little time in properly winterizing your motorcycle will pay off big when it's time to...

How To Replace a Sportster Clutch

It's bound to happen, and sooner rather than later if you ride a Sporty. You're going to have to replace the clutch. Harley's stock...
Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course Riders

How to Get Your Motorcycle License in Pennsylvania

I was around four years old when I starting riding quads and my Dad had me on two wheels with him not long after....
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