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Let’s get to know another motovlogger – this time Justin – or as you probably know him, Bike N’ Bird. Just over a year into his motovlogging journey, Bike N’ Bird is already on to his 2nd bike build series and always manages to keep his videos fresh, entertaining and plenty helpful.

BikeNBird Meet and Greet
Bike N Bird is the guy on the right

What is your full name, date of birth and social security number?

Justin RideHard Bike N’ Bird, 7/4/1776, 1

You’ve had your Bike N’ Bird channel since June of 2016 – how’d you get started in motovlogging and what inspired you?

To me motovlogging just made sense. I had been riding for most of my life, I had been making videos for most of my life. It was literally just a combination of my two favorite hobbies. I have 100% of the skills and equipment to do it so I just did it!

What’s the origin of the name Bike N’ Bird?

The channel was originally supposed to be a car and bike channel. At the time I had a 2001 Trans Am FireBIRD. But shortly after the channel started taking off I realized that I was much more into bikes than I was cars. But by that point the name had already stuck.

What have been the keys to your success so far in growing a dedicated bunch of followers?

Some might say quality over quantity but my philosophy has been quality PLUS quantity. I’ve put out at least 3 videos a week since about 2 months into the channel. And I would say out of over 200+ videos, I only regret publishing less than 5.

Bike N Bird CBR600rr
Justin’s first bike – a 2009 CBR600rr

What have you learned from motovlogging and how has it changed you?

I’ve learned the internet is a dark and unforgiving wasteland. It calls attention to your flaws and your mistakes on a grand scale. BUT that has taught me to live with those mistakes. Yes I was the idiot who swapped my injector plug wires during a wire tuck on my sportster but you know what? I’ll never do it again and I’ll be able to help those who make that mistake in the future. Motovlogging has definitely changed me. It’s allowed me to “be me” so to speak. Funny enough, I’ve actually got very bad social anxiety. But when I’m “Bike N Bird” a good portion of that anxiety goes away. This has allowed me to make a good handful of very close friends that I would have never met without the channel.

What have been some of your highlights from the motovlog?

Two of the biggest moments that stick out to this day is the Texas Moto Meet of 2016 and the Sportster build series.

Texas Moto Meet
A shot of the Texas Moto Meet

The Texas Moto Meet came up shortly after the birth of the channel and was one of my first times I got to meet subscribers face to face. To be able to put a face to some names and come to the realization that it’s actual human beings watching my videos was a huge step for me.

The Sportster build series is really what launched my channel to what it is today. Sub counts doubled during that period. But outside stats, it made me realize that “building” a bike isn’t that scary. Just a series of little problems you have to overcome when you get to them. No matter how much you plan and prep, somethings going to come up. But that build really solidified my love of working on bikes and it’s something I feel I will carry as a hobby for the rest of my life.

Bike N Bird Family
Dad, Mom, Son

Tell us about your history with motorcycles.

I come from a “motorcycle family” so to speak. My Father and Uncle raced motocross throughout West Texas during a good portion of their childhood. Later in life my uncle got into the touring Harleys and pressured my dad to follow. Unfortunately he couldn’t afford anything close to that at the time so instead he got me into motocross at a very young age. I grew up riding dirt. A pretty bad accident knocked me out of the game when I was 16. Landing in the flat after a double and going down hard. Thankfully nothing broken but I did hyper-extend my ankle which still causes me trouble to this day. At 19 I bought my first street bike. A 2009 CBR600rr. Such a fun bike but shortly after I bought it I was laid off from my job and I was forced to sell it. It wasn’t until early 2016 that I was able to afford a bike again which is when I bought the 2014 Harley Sportster that the channel is known for today. About a year later I had the bike paid off and I was wanting something new. I bought a 2012 Triumph Speed Triple. That thing was a beast. A hell of a bike but with it being an English bike, parts were impossible to find. It had the standard stuff already done to it, exhaust, tune, frame sliders etc. So I got bored with it very fast. I ended up trading that for the 2017 Harley Street Bob that I’m currently modding on the channel. Absolutely love that bike. It’s the perfect mixture of power and handling.

What’s your favorite piece of gear?

Hands down my Plugphones. Half headphones, half ear plug. Allows you to block out all the damaging noises of the motor and still hear your music and SENA.

Where are you based? What are your favorite places to ride?

I’m out of San Antonio, Texas. My favorite places to ride is the Texas hill country. I am SPOILED with good roads. I have some of the best roads in Texas only about an hour from my home.

Bike N Bird Harley Dyna Build
The 2017 Dyna is rapidly changing

How are you feeling so far with the transition from Sportster to Dyna?

It’s definitely two totally different worlds. BUT I am very glad that I kept the Sportster specifically because they are so different. The Dyna is definitely my favorite to ride though. That’s because I have a hard time going slow on two wheels.

What’s your day job?

I’m a data analyst for a large financial institution. Very boring 9-5 office job. But I’m good at it and it pays the bills and then some so I’ll take it.

When you’re not riding or working on your bike, what are you doing?

Editing videos or pictures. I also run a small online business. Free time is for suckers.

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