Gift Guide for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle Gift Guide

“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.”  ― Charles Dudley Warner.

If you’re anything like me then there are few instances that bring more stress AND joy than the task of gift giving. Sounds a bit contradicting, doesn’t it? I love being able to gift to those around me that I care about, but I have always struggled with the “right” gifts. How much do I spend? Will they like it?! Are they REALLY going to get use from what I’m choosing? It’s a daunting task that I am the first to admit I am not the best at without being giving some seriously specific guidelines. I struggle so much even to the point where I would opt out of gift giving out of fear of useless/unlikeable gifts. Terrible, isn’t it? BUT, don’t fret if you’re like me and shopping for a motorcycle enthusiast, because I may finally be able to give back to the gifters out there this Holiday season!

First and foremost, as any decent and reasonable person out there would know, it’s not about the amount of money you spend. If you are concerned that it’s “not enough” or you are concerned that the giftee may feel you haven’t “spent enough” then you or they are forcing you outside the realm of what gift giving is about. Buy with a purpose, or hell MAKE something with a purpose, that you know resonates in that person’s life, but certainly don’t judge your gifts quality and impact on how much it cost.

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On to the specifics for motorcyclist gift giving… Luckily for you as the gifter a motorcyclist will likely love 99.99% of anything related to two wheels with an engine strapped between them! I can personally say that I love anything motorcycle related (sure some brands and manufacturers I PREFER over others), but hell I’ve never owned a Triumph yet I have a sweet Triumph t-shirt I bought years ago. Call me a poser, a traitor to HD or whatever you will, but if you’re a hardcore one-brander then you’re likely not a true motorcycle “enthusiast.” Having a motorcycle/brand preference is loyalty, but an appreciation and respect for anything and ANYONE on two wheels is someone who loves what motorcycles are all about — community, freedom, and individuality without judgement – all of which are aspects of riding that we should strive for.

Tips on Buying Motorcycle Parts and Gear as a Gift

One thing I would suggest is staying away from motorcycle parts or gear unless you A) truly know your giftees style and likes, or B) they have provided you with a specific list to guide you in the right direction. The only thing worse than buying someone a gift that they don’t like, in my opinion, is being the giftee and having to tell someone you won’t use what they bought you. Some of us are extremely picky (cough cough) about what we put on our bikes and/or bodies when we are riding.

In regards to gear specifically, safety is number one for me when it comes to what I am going to buy and ride with, but almost unequivocally parallel, is the style of what I am wearing. Not to be vain, but I desire gear that allows me to ride safely yet meet a couple friends out casually without feeling like I am on my way to the track. This involves jackets that are safe, but look good with a pair of boots and jeans. This trickles down to helmets, gloves, pants and so on. When it comes to gear, ASK for a list if they haven’t provided one.

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For the parts aspect it’s just about the same as the gear, except now with parts the “performance” factor also comes into account with the safety and aesthetic aspects. To shorten and sum up this section just ask or go another route if you don’t want to spoil any motorcycle themed gifts. Parts are hard unless you really know the persons desires for their bike or are a rider yourself. If you’re lucky you may have heard them talk about a part they really want, but there’s a good chance they have changed their mind since then and that’s why they don’t have it on their bike yet! A safe choice can be a gift certificate, a good route if you’re not certain what piece they want, but you want to give them a chance to pick the right style, fit and performance part.

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Motorcycle swag is always a go to for anyone that loves bikes. Rustic signs for the garage area where the bike(s) are stowed, motorcycle patches if your rider likes them on their jacket(s) or motorcycle t-shirts expressing the general love and passion for motorcycles are cheap and easy go-to’s that are available in abundance. TOOLS! If you can get some insight into their tool collection, assuming they are hands on, a good set of tools they don’t have or need is an awesome option. They last forever, and for an anecdotal bit, every time I open up my tool box I remember and vividly imagine when and where I bought/received every tool that I pick up! So, if you’re a gifter that wants the gift to keep giving and bring back memories, tools are likely a great option!

Lastly, I will offer some specific suggestions for you that may help you get an idea of the different spectrums of motorcycle gift giving. I feel like I could ramble on with this post for pages and pages, but let’s wrap it up with these few:

1)    If you’re a significant other and ride with your giftee, look into a bluetooth headset for your helmets. This allows for comfortable communication throughout the ride. “Hunny, I need to use the BATHROOM NOW!!” – “Babe my rump is sore, can we stretch?” – “I love riding with you!”

2)    Some sort of GoPro like camera. There are all sorts of helmet/handlebar mounts for them to document trips and adventures. GoPro is on the costlier side, but there are other options available that won’t kill the wallet and will offer the same quality for basic video capturing and taking hi-res photos.

3)    A Battery Tender! So many newer riders don’t invest in this low cost ($25-$75 depending on brand) utility to help keep their battery in tip top shape. After losing a battery once over the winter time I realized one of these units is a no-brainer. Great gift for someone who doesn’t already own one!

4)    Ear plugs – Not much explaining needed here, just trust me, they save your ears and make riding long distances safer and easier on your hearing. Check out the foam moldable pieces – usually you can order a “variety” pack that offers a ton of pairs (I think I got one last year that was 50 pairs for $15!) – This allowed me to try a bunch until I found the pair that worked best and fit best for me.

5)    Literature. Any motorcycle rider will like reading about what can make them a better rider, give industry updates or even read about someone else’s adventures. This can be books, magazine subscriptions, or one that I personally think would be cool to give, would be motorcycle designed road maps! They offer the scenic routes for riders and suggest cool sight-seeing stops on the way!

6)    A new motorcycle, like, duhhh. 🙂

Harley under Christmas Tree
Will there be a Harley under your Christmas tree?

Gift giving is rarely easy once we get past the “Santa Clause” list, but some thought, research and effort can go a long way. Ask your giftee’s friends and motorcycle circle what they have been talking about or would possibly need/want! That is the best inside route without tipping the person off what you’re planning! In the end be happy knowing you got them something you felt they would enjoy and make use of because chances are they are going to love you even more than they already do for buying them something motorcycle related. Happy Holidays to you and yours!




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