Bell Moto 3 Helmet Back in Bell Lineup

Bell Moto 3 Helmet Orange

The much anticipated return of the Bell Moto 3 is just around the corner. We got our hands on one of the Fluorescent Orange models and were able to take it for a spin. It’ll be available to the masses in about a month. In the meantime, here are some thoughts and a quick Bell Moto 3 review.

Bell Moto 3 Orange Helmet
The Moto 3 fit true to my typical size, a medium

First, a quick rundown of the features:

  • The Bell Moto 3 Helmet will be available in sizes XS-XXL in 7 different colors
  • Lightweight Fiberglass composite shell construction
    3 Shell and 3 EPS sizes to ensure a personalized fit
  • EPS lined chinbar
  • 2 Artist Series Moto 3 designs include a micro-suede liner
  • 5 Solid Color Moto 3 Helmets include a removable/washable anti-microbial terrycloth liner
  • Each helmet includes a removable 5 Snap Visor
  • Size Medium weighed in at 2 lbs. 12 oz. with visor, 2 lbs. 10 oz. without
  • DOT Certified
Bell Moto 3 Helmet Orange Back
The back of the retro Moto 3

Whether it’s one of the many retro Simpson helmets, the new Biltwell Lane Splitter or even Bell’s own helmets – the Custom 500 or the Bell Bullitt, manufacturers have kept the run of vintage style helmets going strong. The strong response to these helmets has provided some great options for riders who aren’t into sportier, modern helmets and want to keep things old-school. Or, for others, it provides a second helmet for local rides when they don’t need all the Bells and whistles of a more aerodynamic, advanced lid.

The Bell Moto 3 is one of the latest in that retro lineup. Bell fits it nicely into their classic group of helmets, alongside the Custom 500 and the Bullitt. No longer will fans of the Moto 3 have to scour Ebay for a beat-up model. New models will be available in no time.

Bell Moto 3 Helmet Riding
The Bell Moto 3 with a set of Biltwell Goggles did the trick

I took a ride in a size medium, which fit me well. I wear a size medium in both the Bell Bullitt and Biltwell Gringo helmets as a frame of reference.

Of course, I was met with a September heat advisory and near record highs during my test ride. It probably wouldn’t have mattered what helmet I hit the hit the pavement with – it was hot and humid, no avoiding that.

That said, the Moto 3 held up alright despite the heat. While it features only mouth vents – 8 of them – the open face design moves the air relatively well. It wouldn’t have hurt to include some additional vents in the shell, but Bell stayed true to their original design.
I found the terry cloth interior in the Bell Moto 3 to be very comfortable. It also kept my head cooler than I thought it would. After an hour or so of consistent riding I built up only minimal sweat despite the 95 degree heat index.

Bell Moto 3 Helmet Orange
The 5 Snap visor pops right on or off

You’ll probably want to head out in moto goggles or a pair of glasses to keep your eyes safe while you ride. I went with a pair of Biltwell Moto Goggles I always keep handy. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may want to remove the visor if you plan on hitting speeds much over 50 MPH. I felt some buffeting once I broke free of traffic. Thankfully, the Moto 3 visor snaps in or out very easily.

I liked the style of the helmet and it felt like a good choice for local rides. As a weekend motocross rider, I like the hybrid, fusion style of the Moto 3 that gives it a fun, in-between feel. It won’t suit everyone, but riders will be able to use it on a variety of bikes.

Keep an eye out for the full release of the Bell Moto 3 and for our full Bell Moto 3 review with video to come.




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Mike Smith
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  1. Hi, regarding the removable liner, is the full liner removable or just the cheek pads? Also have you tried the simpson m50? It’s very similar and would be great if you could give a comparison. Thanks!

    • Hi Vu,
      The liner is fully removable. You would have the two cheek pads and then the helmet liner, so 3 pieces. I’ve ridden with both the new Moto 3 and the M50, and if I had to choose between the two I would definitely pick the Moto 3. Personally I think it looks better and I prefer the longer chin/mouth section. The M50 just felt like it was too close to my face. Features between the two are very similar, so I think it would really come down to your preference on the looks.

  2. Thanks Rob & Mike,

    I’ll definitely wait until the Moto 3 is released and check it out. The M50 doesn’t have a fully removable liner so that’s one big difference in my opinion. I also prefer a longer chin/mouth section so that’s another plus for the Moto 3.

    About two months ago I was set on trying/getting the M50. Unfortunately, the nearest store to me which actually stocked it was an hour away. I been dragging my feet and still haven’t made the drive. Now I’m glad I didn’t rush, and waiting a little longer to give the Moto 3 a try should be worth the wait. Thanks, guys!