Hardbagger Top Shelf Saddlebag Organizer Review


Scott takes a look at the Hardbagger Top Shelf Saddlebag Organizer. It’s a helpful addition for riders who don’t want to go fishing for their stuff every time they need to grab something. In addition, Scott and plenty of other riders will appreciate the foam insert kit, in Scott’s case, a Glock Foam Insert Kit that fits easily into the organizer. The Saddlebag Organizer is available for either left or right saddlebags – some riders may want some extra organization on one side for the phone, keys, wallet, firearm, etc. and plenty will appreciate it in both saddlebags so they’re digging through their bags for their stuff all the time.

Check out Scott’s install – which should be easy for even the most technically-challenged riders – and his thoughts on the benefits of adding the Hardbagger Top Shelf Saddlebag Organizer and the Foam Insert organizer.

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